Welcome to The Yacht Club at Bequia Marina in Admiralty Bay. We offer dockage facilities, moorings, rooms, a bar and restaurant and yacht photography. All pricing is in EC (Eastern Caribbean dollars).

Location and contact

We are located in Port Elizabeth, Admiralty bay, Bequia, St Vincent and the Grenadines (N 13°00.69 W061°14.33). Look for the blue building to the North East corner of the bay. You can contact us on VHF channel 68 or by calling (784) 457-3407. Our offices are open daily 8AM to 3PM.

Dockage facilities

We have diesel (supplied by SOL EEC Limited, agents for Shell fuel and lubricants), water and ice, but please contact us prior to arriving because in dry season we can run out of water! Pricing is as follows:

  • Diesel per US Gallon is $12.75 EC
  • Water per US Gallon is $0.50 EC
  • Ice (cubed) per bag is $10.00 EC
  • Dockage: Outer stern to berths at $189.00 EC per day plus electricity (under 50ft) or $405 EC per day (50ft and over). Inside berth at $104.00 EC per day plus electricity.

Please note, you MUST clear customs and immigration BEFORE you come onto our dock or you must call ahead and ask us to obtain permission for you to dock.


We have two moorings available approximately 100ft out from the dock. Each is marked with TWCC. The cost is $50 EC for the first day and $40 EC thereafter. You are welcome to pick up one, then come in and see us once you have moored.

Bar and Restaurant

Downstairs we have Devil's table bar and restaurant - The venue for any night of the week! It opens evenings from 5:30. Tables can be booked by calling (784) 458 3900.


We have four lovely rooms available for anyone wanting to experience Bequia on land. Each room has air conditioning. Click to see pictures and find out more about our rooms.


We have a traditional Caribbean cottage on the rock overlooking the bay. It you are happy to live without air-conditioning this is ideal! Click to see pictures and find out more about our Cottage.

Yacht photography

Kenmore Henville runs Bequia Photoaction from the Marina. You'll often see him out taking photos of yachts. If you would like your yacht photographed, please contact him via his Bequia Photoaction website.

Laundry, litter and other services

We cannot offer laundry services. We recommend Miranda's laundry. They are in Hamilton which is to the North side of the bay (VHF CH 68). If you can't find them, simply ask one of our staff. Litter should be taken to the dinghy dock at the market where you will find an area with bins specifically for yacht litter - this service is free to use! You can drop litter with us at 5 EC per bag.


We are proud to be the home of TradeWinds Cruise Club for their 'Bequia and the Grenadines' cruises. If you are cruising with them please see their website for more information.


The Reservations team resides here and are always happy to say hello if you, as a TradeWinds Member or guest wish to pop upstairs.

About Bequia

The tiny island of Bequia has a unique magical charm which is hard to find anywhere else in the Caribbean. With fewer than six thousand inhabitants, it feels like home from the moment you arrive; friendliness is the watchword, and the pace is relaxed and easy-going. Don't be surprised if you are greeted with a warm hello as you walk along the street!

You can find out more about Bequia from our Bequia Tourism Association. If you want to know what's on then download their "what's on" leaflet.


The Bequia flag and the St Vincent and the Grenadines flag are available from the book shop on Front Street.

Bequia flag

The courtesy flag is the official St Vincent and the Grenadines flag. Fly the Bequia flag under it and attract smiles from locals :)